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Bill Murray trains for the NYC Marathon.

he is my hero.

Awesome :)

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It’s a busy place in the morning

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Point Defiance Zoo on a Sunday. 74 and sunny, it was a good walk. And well worth it.

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This weekend so far. RV’s, sodas and the good old Upper Left Coast with @meatloafforapenny. I’ll be trying the sodas as I have done previously in another place (Instagram of course)

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The second day of the journey with @meatloafforapenny, my better half and the other part of parklifeamerica. We traveled from Boiler Bay State Park south to Muriel O Ponsler State Park.

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Day one of my two day vacation with @meatloafforapenny, the better half of parklifeamerica, this first day saw us traveling from the beaches of Fort Stevens State Parl down to Oswald G West State Park

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Mount Rainier National Park all. Incredible

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No more mister disgusting desert

Got back home yesterday, spent the day with my lovely wife! Today I woke up to a crazy good breakfast prepared by my beautiful wife

And now for a Sunday drive with our friendly neighborhood volcano peeking at us we roll down the road.

It’s good to be back in Washington folks.

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So my wife and I went in for the gender ultrasound today…

Yes we are certainly having a kid

And it’s a girl! Hope she love hiking and nature and history and time travel and BOOOOOOKS

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On this day in 1965, astronaut Edward H. White II became the first American to perform Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA), also known as a spacewalk.

As a part of the Gemini 4 mission, astronauts Edward H. White II and James McDivitt were sent on a four day spaceflight, the first multi-day spaceflight by the United States. The mission’s primary objective was to evaluate the effects of prolonged spaceflight and to demonstrate that humans could remain in space for extended periods of time. It’s secondary objective was to conduct the first Extra Vehicular Activity by an American astronaut and to evaluate the ability of the Hand-Held Maneuvering Unit (HHMU), also known as the zip gun, to control the astronaut’s movement.

Edward White, who was lucky enough to perform the first spacewalk, was so enthralled by the experience that he did not want to return to the spacecraft when commanded to.

The transcript from the Gemini 4 mission plays more like a mother calling to her son playing outside to come in for dinner.

McDIVITT: They want you to get back in now.
WHITE (laughing): I’m not coming in… This is fun.
McDIVITT: Come on.
WHITE: Hate to come back to you but I’m coming
McDIVITT: Gosh, you still got three and a half more days to go, buddy
GEMINI CONTROL: You’re got about four minutes to Bermuda.
WHITE: I’m trying to…
McDIVITT: O.K. O.K. Don’t wear yourself out now. Just come in… How you doing there?
WHITE: … whenever a piece of dirt or something goes by, it always heads right for that door and goes on out.
McDIVITT: O.K., come in then.
WHITE: …aren’t you going to hold my hand?
McDIVITT: No, come on in the… Ed, come on in here!
WHITE: All right. I’ll open the door and come through there…
McDIVITT: Come on. Let’s get back in here before it gets dark.
WHITE: It’s the saddest moment of my life.
McDIVITT: Well, you’re going to find it sadder when we have to come down with this thing.

Read more about America’s first spacewalk here:

Read the full transcript of the Gemini 4 mission here:

Does everyone become a little kid on a spacewalk? I hope so.

Me, too.

I don’t see how you couldn’t become a little kid. I’ve been skydiving and I didn’t want to come down, I could see almost the whole island of Oahu, I couldn’t even imagine seeing the whole beautiful planet below me.